Veriga is celebrating a very special jubilee, the 100th anniversary of its operation. In all these years, the production program has been supplemented and developed, and today it can boast of a range of quality products, with a stable structure, a recognizable brand and modern production.

The factory Veriga was founded way back in 1922. At that time, the production program included screws, forgings, heavy anchor chains, forestry traction chains, transport chains for mining and various meter chains of various thicknesses. Later, production expanded to protective chains for tractors and work machines, as well as snow chains for cars. During those times, Veriga employed more than 1,500 workers.

One of the breakthrough years was 1992, when the RIVAL COMPACT chain was made, patented and certified, the forerunner of today’s car chains.

The next major step was taken in 1998, when the company was transformed into VERIGA K.F., d.o.o. In 2005, we were the first to present a line of crampons for leisure on the market, which we are constantly upgrading and developing. The company’s vision is to become one of the three largest manufacturers of wheel chains in the world and to find a suitable cover for every tire, which is why we are constantly developing new products and improving existing products in the field of ease of use, customer support and care for the environment.

The mission is to constantly improve the quality of products and bring them closer to the user, with the aim of providing a comprehensive and high-quality solution.

Today, through four product lines
(VERIGAsnow, VERIGAforest, VERIGAsport in VERIGAtpc),
proizvodnji program obsega:


  • snow chains for cars, light delivery vehicles, 4 × 4
    (new is Tractiva – car chain without rear attachment);
  • forestry wheel chains;
  • pulling forestry chains;
  • program of forestry elements;
  • tracks for forestry machines;
  • protective chains for working machines;
  • walking crampons for shoes
    (new crampons for chnildren and crampons for running);
  • the rest of the sports program (walking poles, backpacks,…).

Over the years, Veriga competes more and more successfully with the world’s largest chain manufacturers. The products are sold both on domestic and international markets.

Today we export to more than 61 countries, and the export share is over 90%.



“Skupaj do vrha” or “Together to the top” is the company’s slogan and daily motivation. This is also the theme of this year’s jubilee year.

Together with the employees and the wider local community, the chain carried out several good works, and on November 6 (when the company was first entered in the register in 1922) we prepared a party with a presentation of products and history.

Veriga donated a defibrillator to the local community, educational boards to the school in Strahinje, we had Veriga’s educational day, we contributed to a charity fund with which children from at-risk families went to the seaside,

Thus, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary in Lesce (where the company has been operating for all 100 years), we entwined a chain of good works with the surrounding area.


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